Steve Perry

Nome completo: Perry, Steven Carl
Nascita: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, il 31 agosto 1947


Aliens Universe

Ciclo Aliens
#1) Il Nido sulla Terra (Earth Hive, 1992)
#2) Incubo (Nightmare Asylum, 1993)
#3) The Female War (1993) con S. D. Perry
Ciclo Aliens vs Predator
#1) Prey (1994) con S. D. Perry
Ciclo Predator
Turnabout (2008)

Conan Universe

Ciclo Conan Pastiches
Conan the Fearless (1986)
Conan the Defiant (1987)
Conan the Indomitable (1989)
Conan the Formidable (1990)
Conan the Free Lance (1990)

Ciclo Cutter’s Wars

#1) The Ramal Extraction (2012)
#2) The Vastalimi Gambit (2013)
#3) The Tejano Conflict (2014)

Indiana Jones

Ciclo edito da Del Rey
#1) Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead (2009)

Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals

#1) Target Earth (1997)


L’uomo che non Sbagliava Mai (The Man Who Never Missed, 1985)
Matadora (1986)
La Rivolta dei Matador (The Machiavelli Interface, 1986)
The Omega Cage (1988) con Michael Reaves
The 97th Step (1989)
The Albino Knife (1991)
Black Steel (1992)
Brother Death (1992)
The Musashi Flex (2006)

Men in Black

MIB – Men In Black (Men in Black, 1997)

Star Risk

#5) The Gangster Conspiracy (2007) con Dal Perry

Star Wars Universe

Ciclo Star Wars
L’Ombra dell’Impero (Shadows of the Empire, 1996)
Death Star (2007) con Michael Reaves
Ciclo Star Wars: Clone Wars
– Sottociclo Medstar
#1) Battle Surgeons (2004) con Michael Reaves
#2) Jedi Healer (2004) con Michael Reaves

Stellar Ranger

#1) Stellar Ranger (1994)
#2) Lone Star (1995)

The Chronicles of Eilandia

The Dreadnaught (2011) con Michael Reaves

Time Machine

#3) Sword of the Samurai (1984) con Michael Reaves
#5) Civil War Secret Agent (1984)

Tom Clancy’s Net Force

#4) Breaking Point (2000)
#5) Point of Impact (2001)
#6) Cybernation (2001)
#7) State of War (2003)
#8) Changing of the Guard (2003) con Larry Segriff
#10) The Archimedes Effect (2006) con Larry Segriff

Venture Silk

#1) Spindoc (1994)
#2) The Forever Drug (1995)

Altri romanzi

The Tularemia Gambit (1981)
Hellstar (1984) con Michael Reaves
Dome (1987) con Michael Reaves
The Trinity Vector (1996)
The Digital Effect (1997)
Isaac Asimov’s I-Bots: Time Was (1998) con Gary A. Braunbeck
Thong the Barbarian Meets the Cycle Sluts of Saturn (1998) con Michael Reaves
Titan A. E. (2000) con Dal Perry
Windowpane (2003)
Immune Response (2006)
Champion of the Dead (2010)
Master Of Pamor (2010)


Gatekeeper in Hell: The Collected Roy the Demon Stories (2011)


Predator (1990) [con lo pseudonimo Dick Flint ]
The Hero Curse (1991)


Workshops: The Minefields of Science Fiction (1991)

Narrativa breve

Serie The Harriers
Into the Hot and Moist (1991)

With Clean Hands (1977) [con lo pseudonimo Jesse Peel ]
Occhio per i Dettagli (An Eye for Detail, 1978) [con lo pseudonimo Jesse Peel ]
Resuscitare i Morti (Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead, 1978) [con lo pseudonimo Jesse Peel ]
Dov’è Ora tuo Fratello, Epimeteo? (Where Now Is Thy Brother, Epimetheus?, 1978) [con lo pseudonimo Jesse Peel ]
Solo (1979) [con gli pseudonimi Steve Perry e Jesse Peel ]
Talento Alieno (Small Talent, 1979)
Star Warriors (1979) pubblicato in 2 parti [con lo pseudonimo Jesse Peel ]
Flamegame (1979)
Perfect Balance (1979)
Champion of the World (1982) con George Guthridge
Johnny Beercans (1982) con George Guthridge
Diagnosi (Augenblick, 1982)
Amor che nullo amato amar perdona… (Darts, 1983)
Memory’s Noose (1983) con George Guthridge
Peau de Cuir (1985)
Contrapuntal (1988)
Running Out of Vultures (1988)
Willie of the Jungle (1989)
Character Flaw (1989)
Cocksman (1989)
A Few Minutes in the Bruce Lee Rehab Unit of the Big Memorial Hospital (1990)
A Few Minutes in the Undead Hunter’s Gunshop (1990)
Predator (1990) [con lo pseudonimo Dick Flint ]
Edge (1990)
Kyodai (1991)
The Hero Curse (1991)
The Last Katana (1991)
The Way Home (1991) con Michael Reaves
Chrome Bimbo (1991)
Blind Spot (1992)
The Master of Chan Gen (1992)
The Macaw (1993) con George Guthridge
Other Toys (1994)
Just Ask (1995)
“What the Dormouse Said” (1997)
In the Flesh (1997) con John DeCamp
A Few Minutes in Granddaddy’s Old House on Black Bottom Bayou (1998)
The Case of the Wavy Black Dagger (2003)
Audition (2007)
Death Star (estratto) (2007) con Michael Reaves
She’s Not There (2009)
Manifest Destiny (2009) con Michael Reaves
Encounter at the Blind Pig (2015)